Papermark x NAMA Leather Notebook

IDR 480.000

This refillable notebook cover is just what you need! This notebook is thoughtfully designed specifically for the note-takers, agenda doers, meal-planners who still enjoy the art of putting a pen on a paper! Whether you are a student, mom, or simply a ladyboss, we got you! 

Product Details

What’s included:

Leather Cover:

  • Made from nappa bovine leather
  • Dimensions: L 16.5cm, H 22.5cm, D 2.3cm
  • 2 card slots 
  • 1 pen slot
  • Gold hardware


  • Lined / Dotted / Grid / Cornell


  • Daily / Weekly / Meeting / Home


    Note: Starts shipping end of November-beginning of December

    Color: Pink
    Planner Insert:

    Low Stock


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